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Put a New Face on Your Retail Space

Grab N’ Grow’s New Line-up of Retail Compost and Soil Products

Produced Locally for Growers and Gardeners Who Want to Buy Local

Operating on the Santa Rosa Plain in Sonoma County for more than a half century, Grab N’ Grow produces premium, hand-crafted soil, compost and mulch products from the artisan recipes of our founder, Julious Gonsior. Our customers include farmers and grape growers, North Bay landscapers and nurseries, and local gardeners who grow tomatoes in their back yards and geraniums in pots on their front porches. Organic mulch, soil mixes, potting soils, composts and ground covers, seed starters ... Grab N’ Grow makes them all.

Mango Mulch™ -- A fertilizer and soil conditioner in one

Mango Mulch™ Organic Compost is our popular, signature product. It is already well- known in retail spaces of Bay Area gardening outlets. The Mango Mulch™ bag has a new face reflecting the success it brings to our customers gardens. The contents remain the same – horse and cow manure, grape and apple pomace, rice hulls, Greensand and soft rock phosphate. No, no mangos. Our OMRI listed organic compost was inspired by the dark, rich soil found under mango trees in Hawaii. No mangos … Just the very best compost and soil additive. All organic.

Marlene's Magic™ -- A special mix for every garden

Grab N’ Grow’s customers are local gardeners who want to start or improve a vegetable or flower garden or save a withering plant or a struggling tree. Many are women … professional women, homemakers, mothers and grandmothers, looking for the perfect soil for a backyard plot or planter box or wine barrel. For this we introduce Marlene’s Magic™ Garden Mix, a blend of quality Sonoma County sandy loam with aged and composted horse manure and crushed red lava rock plus a light application of five fertilizers: Nitroform™, Calcium Nitrate, Single Super Phosphate, 15-15-15 plant food and Iron Sulfate.

Who’s Marlene? She’s every woman who comes to Grab N’ Grow to put the magic in her garden.

Julious' Choice™ -- Something for small pots

One of our most popular mixes, Julious’ Choice™ Potting Soil is designed for planting in small containers between 1 and 5 gallons but also is suitable for containers up to about 18 gallons…We named it for Julious Gonsior who created this special soil that provides sufficient moisture plus proper drainage for gardens confined to pots. Lake County red lava rock is the ingredient in Julious' Choice™ that provides both. The soil also includes red lava sand, crushed red lava rock, fir bark, aged and composted horse manure, Nitroform™, Calcium Nitrate, Single Super Phosphate, 15-15-15 plant food and Iron Sulfate. Gardeners with limited space can’t go wrong with Julious' Choice™.

A fresh face on your pallets … In easy to handle, 1.5 cubic foot bags, our local product line-up puts a face on retail spaces that idealizes the goals of your customers who come to your store to buy what they need for their gardens.

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